About Bus Walks

Coronavirus update:  It is inadvisable to travel by bus at the present and all the pubs are shut.  I have added a few local walks wholly in the Medway towns. Many of the walks will be suitable but please keep to your local area.

As the restrictions are lifted it will be again possible to go by bus and eventually have a pub lunch. It is advisable to check if the pubs have opened or require reservations before you set off.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Bus Walks it is simply taking a bus to a public footpath, walking along the footpath for anything between 5 and 15 miles then taking a bus back home. I have included a few walks that require a car to get to and from the walk.

The equipment you require is fairly simple: an Ordnance Survey Explorer map, a camera, a backpack with a packed lunch, suitable clothing according to the weather / season and I always carry an umbrella. As well as this you will need a senior or disabled bus pass or you will have to buy an explorer/ rover ticket to cover your out and return journeys or buy single journey tickets.  You will also need the local bus timetables.  If your mobile phone has a internet connection you can look up bus times at nextbuses or you could download an app like UK Bus Checker, there is however a small annual charge for using this app.

Before setting off in the morning I check both journeys on traveline where you can also download bus timetables. If the buses are more frequent on one route than the other I usually start on the bus with an infrequent service so there will be less chance of  a long wait at the destination. This means that when I walk parts of a long distance path each day may be a different direction.

In the summer I take sandwiches, fruit and coffee with me for lunch,  in the winter it’s probably better to have a stopover at a pub or restaurant.

There are occasions when the bus journey is too long and there is not much time for a long walk also there are occasions when the walk starts and/or finishes at my home and therefore the is no bus journey involved.

The majority of the journeys start and finish in Medway and Maidstone, Kent.

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