Hothfield Church

This Church can be reached on the 10x service from Maidstone to Ashford. The bus takes a short detour off the A20 and stops north of the Village.

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View of the North side
Hothfield Church

Dove cotes opposite the Church
Hothfield Church

Graffiti in the porch
Hothfield Church

Stoop in the porch
Hothfield Church

View from the south
Hothfield Church

Hothfield Church
Hothfield Church

Rainwater Hopper
Hothfield Church

North Door and stoop
Hothfield Church

S Cresswell War Grave
Hothfield Church war grave

South porch
Hothfield Church South Porch

Rainwater hopper dated 1833
Hothfield Church

Gravestone of Anna Snoath 1672
Hothfield Church
Here resteth the body of Anna the loving wife of William Snoath. She was a vertuous woman in her life and her dying words were Come Gow to meet with God and Saints. She departed this life July 12th 1672 aged 29 yeares and Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth the daughter of William Snoath. She dyed an infant November 2nd 1672.

North side
Hothfield Church

Medway Valley Walk – Rochester To Aylesford

This bus walk starts at the Esplanade Rochester near Rochester Bridge It goes via Borstal, Wouldham and Burham to Aylesford.

The Arriva 140 and 141 buses go from Chatham Bus station to Rochester and the Arriva bus 155 goes from Aylesford to Maidstone and Chatham.

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Download GPX file for GPS

If it is your first visit to Rochester you must take a few moments to take in the sites of Rochester including the Castle
The view down the steps to the Esplanade.
St Margaret’s Church seen from the Esplanade.
Short’s Brothers the manufacturer of the Sunderland Flying Boat had a factory in Rochester
The M2 and High Speed train bridges across the Medway
Looking back to Rochester. On the right you can see the remains on the Short’s slipway where the flying boats are launched.
The path continues through the Baty’s Marsh nature reserve.
The path follows the river for a while and turns left just before you reach the Medway Bridges.
Follow the signposts through Borstal. The Path turns left after the M2 bridge but before the High Speed rail bridge.
Turn right and walk through Nashenden Farm. Looking back to see the Oast houses.
Continue on the way marked path again look back to see the Medway Bridges
You get spectacular views of the Medway Valley.
At this point the route follows the same route as the North Downs way
Continue past the Shoulder of Mutton Wood with it’s ancient earthworks
When the path join the bridleway take a right turn to Wouldham. However you may wish to take a short detour to a picnic area near Wouldham common where you can get good views of Wouldham Village
When you reach Wouldham The Church is to the right
Go through the village and continue along Hall Road and into Old Church Road past the former cement works.
You will see Burham Old Church
There are views of the North Downs to your left
Burham Old Church is usually open to have a look round
Continue along the road and follow a path across a field.
Turn left and follow a track
Turn left just after an electricity sub station
And continue to Ayleford

Google Earth File – Rochester to Aylesford
GPS exchange File – Rochester to Aylesford