Gillingham to Riverside Country Park

This walk can be found on the Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 148 and is 6.4 miles long.

A Medway walk from Gillingham town centre to Riverside Country Park.

From Gillingham town centre walk down Sappers Walk and cross Jeffery Street into Gardner Street. Turn right into Saunders Street then Left into Saunders Street. Turn left into Victoria Street, at the T junction turn right into Burnt Oak Terrace.

Follow the signpost for the Saxon Shore Way on the right past Hillyfields. Cross Ingram Road at the pedestrian crossing then turn left and right into Gillingham Green. Go past the Church. At Grange Road turn left and cross the cemetery to the far right corner. Joining Court Lodge Road pass the Ship pub and turn right onto Gadds Hill.

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Strood Library to Frindsbury

A 2.5 mile walk from Strood Library with fantastic views from Church Green Frindsbury.

This walk can be found on Ordnance Survey Explorer maps 148 and 163

Turn left at the front of the library. Cross the High Street and go up the steps to St Nicholas Church. Keeping the Church on the right walk through the chuchyard and turn right into Gun Lane.

Turn left into Brompton lane and proceed up the hill.

Turn right into pathway that runs parallel Clarendon Drive

At the end of Clarendon Drive turn right on to Cliffe Road, crossing over this road at the first island crossing. After a short distance turn left and walk up the RR3 public footpath. At the end turn right and continue down this road (Mill Road) passing Prospect Cottage and the Millstream Care Home (previously a convent). Approaching the end of Mill Road, English Martyrs Roman Catholic Church is seen on the left just before the junction with the busy Frindsbury Road.

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Rochester Esplanade

The walk starts from Rochester Hub which can be accessed by buses leaving from stands A5 and A6 from Chatham Waterfront bus station and is 2.6 miles long.

You can find this route on Ordnance Survey Explorer maps 149 and 163.

Turn left out of the library and right into the High Street. Turn left into Crow Lane and then right into the Vines (green space). Turn right into the Cathedral Precinct. Follow the road round past the Cathedral, cross Boley Hill and go up Castle Hill and through the gates into the castle.

Leave the castle by the steps into the Esplanade, Crossing the road, enter the Esplanade Gardens. Continue next to the embankment wall to the road. Cross the road and turn left towards the roundabout at Churchfields. Take a zigzag path up the hill, or use the steps, turning right into Backfields. Turn left then right into St Margaret’s Street. Continue past Fort Clarence on your left and the Queen Mother Court on your right.

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Gillingham to Chatham

This walk can be found on Ordnance Survey Explorer map 148.

This walk can be started either in Chatham or Gillingham and is 2.3 miles long. Buses 116, 101, 182 and 326 cover both Chatham and Gillingham. Buses 140, 190 and 191 can be found at Chatham. For other buses try traveline.

Go onto the Great Lines opposite Medway Park and take the main path up the hill.

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Twydall Library to The Strand

Twydall can be reached by 182 bus from Chatham or Gillingham.

This walk is 4.9 miles long and can be found on Ordnance Survey maps 148 and 163.

From Twydall Library walk to the steps down to Twydall Green. Turn left then left into Goudhurst Road and right into Charing Road, turn left into Lynsted Road. Walk diagonally across Eastcourt Green to Beechings Way. Cross Ito Way by the footbridge . Cross Beechings Way an enter through the gates into Woodlands Cemetery.

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Twydall Library to Berengrave

The walk starts from Twydall Library which is on the Arriva bus 182 route and is 4.7 miles long

This walk can be found on Ordnance Survey map 148.

From the library walk to the steps down to Twydall Green, turn left and then cross the road and turm right onto Goudhurst Road.

Turn right onto Beechings Way and cross the road at pedestrian crossing. Turn left into Pump lane taking care to keep to the right hand side of the road and walk in single file.

Turn right onto bridleway GB6A and continue across Bloors lane into footpath GB6. Footpath GB5 merges in on the left, continue on this to Berengrave Lane.

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Wigmore Library to King’s Frith

The walk starts from Wigmore Library which is on the Arriva bus 113 route and is 2.9 miles long

This walk can be found on Ordnance Survey map 148.

T urn left outside the library and go through the car park into Levan Strice.

Come out of the woods into Thanet Road and turn right into Maidstone Road. Turn right into Georgian Way.

Follow the road round and turn left into Bredhurst Road.

Turn right into King’s Frith playing field. Walk round the perimeter of the field returning to Bredhurst Road.

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Wigmore Library to Hickory Dell and Darland

The walk starts from Wigmore Library which is on the Arriva bus 113 route and is 3.0 miles long

This walk can be found on Ordnance Survey map 148.

T urn right outside the library and left into Fairview Avenue. Cross Hoath Road by the bridge and turn left at Spekes Road.

Just after the barrier turn right down one flight of steps (footpath GB4) and right into Hickory Dell.

Join Hempstead Valley Drive and continue across Hempstead Road into Pear Tree Lane.

Turn right into Glenwood Close and take the footpath down the steps into Grove Wood.

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