Gillingham to Riverside Country Park

This walk can be found on the Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 148 and is 6.4 miles long.

A Medway walk from Gillingham town centre to Riverside Country Park.

From Gillingham town centre walk down Sappers Walk and cross Jeffery Street into Gardner Street. Turn right into Saunders Street then Left into Saunders Street. Turn left into Victoria Street, at the T junction turn right into Burnt Oak Terrace.

Follow the signpost for the Saxon Shore Way on the right past Hillyfields. Cross Ingram Road at the pedestrian crossing then turn left and right into Gillingham Green. Go past the Church. At Grange Road turn left and cross the cemetery to the far right corner. Joining Court Lodge Road pass the Ship pub and turn right onto Gadds Hill.

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Gillingham to Chatham

This walk can be found on Ordnance Survey Explorer map 148.

This walk can be started either in Chatham or Gillingham and is 2.3 miles long. Buses 116, 101, 182 and 326 cover both Chatham and Gillingham. Buses 140, 190 and 191 can be found at Chatham. For other buses try traveline.

Go onto the Great Lines opposite Medway Park and take the main path up the hill.

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