High Halstow to Hoo St Weburgh

An 8 and a half mile walk on the Hoo peninsular. Take the 191 Arriva bus from Chatham to High Halstow getting off the bus near The Red Dog Pub. The 191 Arriva bus also serves for the return journey from the Hoo Marina but a more frequent service is available outside the Co-op in Hoo St Werburgh

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The Red Dog Pub
HighHalstowtoHoo 002
Facing the pub you will see Forge Lane to the right
HighHalstowtoHoo 003
Go down Forge Lane to the Public Footpath

HighHalstowtoHoo 004
Follow the footpath into the Norward Hill RSPB nature reserve.
HighHalstowtoHoo 005
Follow the paths through the nature reserve in a northerly direction
HighHalstowtoHoo 007
Until you come the Saxon Shore Way going west to east
HighHalstowtoHoo 012
HighHalstowtoHoo 015
The path continues to the edge of the reserve
HighHalstowtoHoo 017
Then through a gate in the corner of the field.
HighHalstowtoHoo 018
Into open farmland.
HighHalstowtoHoo 019
You will see the Thames Estuary on your left
HighHalstowtoHoo 021
The path turns right onto a small lane
HighHalstowtoHoo 022
And continues across a field
HighHalstowtoHoo 023
Leave the Saxon Shore way and continue in a straight line. You can see St Mary’ Church Hoo in the distance
HighHalstowtoHoo 024
The path skirts the north of the pond at Newland Farm
HighHalstowtoHoo 024
There is a bench to enjoy the view
HighHalstowtoHoo 026
Continue on towards St Mary’s Church
HighHalstowtoHoo 028
The path changes to a lane by the Church, take a right turn past another pond
HighHalstowtoHoo 036
Look out for the old fashioned petrol pump
HighHalstowtoHoo 037
Take the path off to the left
HighHalstowtoHoo 038
It was a bit overgrown when I walked the route
HighHalstowtoHoo 039
especially at the end
HighHalstowtoHoo 040
Crossing the road the path is clearer
HighHalstowtoHoo 041
Come out onto Hopper’s Lane and follow it for about half a mile where you will see a signpost on the left of the road.
HighHalstowtoHoo 043
Take the path on the right
HighHalstowtoHoo 044
Just before you reach Orchard House take a path off to your right across the field
HighHalstowtoHoo 046
HighHalstowtoHoo 047
The path continues along the side of a field
HighHalstowtoHoo 048
Take extra care crossing the A228. Take the road into Stoke village, passing Court Lodge farm house and the White Horse Pub (which unfortunately was closed when I walked past.
HighHalstowtoHoo 050
HighHalstowtoHoo 051
Just after the pub take a path to the right.
HighHalstowtoHoo 052
The path was not clearly waymarked here
HighHalstowtoHoo 053
Beyond the houses take a left turn
HighHalstowtoHoo 054
The path widens out
HighHalstowtoHoo 055
Take a right turn when you get to the lane
HighHalstowtoHoo 056
Then a left
HighHalstowtoHoo 057
You can just see the waymark on the telegraph pole
HighHalstowtoHoo 058
Across another lane. The footpath has been rerouted to cut off a corner.
HighHalstowtoHoo 059
Cross the railway line
HighHalstowtoHoo 060
HighHalstowtoHoo 061
The road layout seems to have been altered but keep walking down Eschol Lane
HighHalstowtoHoo 062
HighHalstowtoHoo 063
Go straight across the road onto the path. This was not clearly waymarked.
HighHalstowtoHoo 064
then turn left at the post
HighHalstowtoHoo 065
This path was overgrown but it goes between the two pylons
HighHalstowtoHoo 066
Looking back in the opposite direction it is even less clear to see.
HighHalstowtoHoo 067.
The path widens out. You take a right turning at the juction
HighHalstowtoHoo 068
At the end of the path take a left turn back onto the Saxon Shore Way.
HighHalstowtoHoo 071
Turn right when you reach the river HighHalstowtoHoo 072
You can see some of the Medway defenses , Darnet Fort, Hoo Fort and World War 2 pillboxes
Darnet Fort
Hoo Fort
HighHalstowtoHoo 076
Round the back of the factories
HighHalstowtoHoo 078
Into the Hoo Marina Park
HighHalstowtoHoo 079
There is a bus stop at the end of Vicarage Lane at the entrance to Hoo Marina Park, but there is a more frequent bus service from the centre of Hoo St Werburgh.

High Halstow to Hoo – Google Earth File
High Halstow to Hoo – GPS Exchange Fiole

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