Harrietsham to Bearstead via Leeds

A 6.6 Bus Walk from Harrietsham to Bearstead via Leeds.

Take the 101 bus from Chatham to Maidstone, then the 10x to Harrietsham. Get off the bus at Hook Lane, Harrietsham.

This walk is covered by the Ordnance Survey map no 148 Maidstone and Medway Towns.

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Cross the road and take Hook Lane to the A20. Turn left and take the right turning into Fairbourne Lane.

At the T junction turn right and follow the lane continue straight forward when the road reduces to a footpath. The footpath widens and turns left in the aptly named water lane the path was very muddy. There was a dry route over a footbridge and round the edge of a garden. Turn right and opposite Water Lane farm there is a footpath signpost. The footpath goes diagonally through an orchard then over a style into a field. There is a spring in the field causing it to be a bit muddy. Another style takes you out of the field turn right into a footpath that appears to have been used as a dump.

At the end of the footpath turn left after a few meters there is a footpath on the right. Take this path across a field and into a wood. The path then follows the edge of a field and comes out at the back of Broomfield Church.

In front of the Church is an old well dedicated to St Margaret.

In the front of the Church turn right and at the bottom of the hill, near the river Len, there a a signpost marked Len Valley Walk.

Take the path through the woods eventually coming out into an open area in the grounds of Leeds Castle.

On leaving Leeds Castle grounds cross the road and continue along the footpath opposite. You will soon reach St Nicholas’ Church Leeds. This Church is usually open and you may have a look round.

You may wish to take a small detour to the George Pub at the bottom on the hill.

Opposite the Church there is a footpath next to the school. Follow this path to a lane then turn right. After a few minutes take a path on the left. When you reach Old Mill Lane turn right and follow the lane round to the left. Continue straight ahead on a footpath when the road turns to the right. The path follows the edge of the field for a while then crosses it diagonally. The path them bends to the right and crosses another path into an open field. Down the hill at the edge of a small wood take the path to the left. Just before the farm building take a path to the right down the hill and across a stream. Follow this path until it comes to Caring Lane. Turn left then right into Caring road. At the T junction turn right past the old water mill and continue up Otham road to the A20.

Turn left onto the A20 on the right is the Lion of Kent pub which serves food until 3pm continue along the A20 to the bus stop opposite the Rose Inn where you can get a number 8 bus back to Maidstone.

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