Bearsted to Maidstone via Caring

Take the 101 Arriva bus to Maidstone then pick up the number 9 bus to Bearstead.  Get off the bus at the Rose pub on the A20.

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Keeping the Rose pub on your left follow the A20 until you reach a public footpath on the right. The footpath will soon open out giving you a view across.the Len Valley

Walked past a pond where the river widens.

Cross the field and go over a footbridge and a style.

Go straight ahead and follow Caring Road in the direction of Leeds.

Past a tree covered in ivy.

A lake on the left.

And a garden pond on the right.

Take a left turn into Caring Lane.

The road was flooded at the bottom of the hill.

Go up the hill and at the top you will see a footpath on the left.

Follow the path across the golf course.

The waymark can be seen in the distance.

Cross the horse’s fields.

Cross the A20 and turn left. Cross Roundwell and take a footpath on the right.

Through the gate into the park owned by The Bearsted Woodland Trust.

Off the path on the right is a carved horse.

Back on the footpath there is a Green Man carved in another tree.

The other side has a heart. There was originally a bench carved into the tree but that has rotted away.

The path continues past a house.

And over a bridge follow the path round to the right.

And continue until you reach Bearsted Church.

Walk down Church Lane until you reach the village green and further on the right, the Oak on the Green pub.

From pub go to the farthest corner of the green past Snowfield Cottage a grade 2 listed building.

Past the village pond.

Much of the walk to Maidstone is along urban streets. Follow Yeoman Lane,  turn right into Tower Lane. Turn left into Roseacre Lane then right again into Plantation Lane. The road changes in Fauchon’s lane before becoming a private lane and eventually a public footpath.

The path drops steeply into a valley with a small stream at the bottom and climbs steeply to a railway bridge.

Turn left after the Railway Bridge, the path continues into Grosvenor Road South. Turn left into Weavering Street and Cross the A20 into Mote Park. Follow the path to the Lake and turn right.

Cross the bridge.

Pass the waterfall.

Leave the park and continue to the town and get the 101 bus back to Medway.

Download the GPS Exchange file.

Bearsted Caring Maidstone gpx file