Snodland to West Malling via Ryarsh

A five-mile bus walk from Snodland to West Malling via Ryarsh. Take the Nu-Venture bus 151 from Chatham Bus Station to the centre of Snodland.  This walk is covered by the Ordnance Survey Map 148 Maidstone and the Medway Towns. Return on the 151 bus from West Malling to Chatham.

From the crossroads in the centre of Snodland walk in a westerly direction along the High Street, turn left into Birling Road and continue across the recreation ground.

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Turn left again into Birling Road, at the end of the road cross over to the Public Footpath. The footpath has a right then a left turn. At Hollow lane turn right and immediately turn left up a footpath. The footpath follows a fence and through an industrial area and up a the side of a former quarry.

Turn right when you get to the road. Contimuea short distance and where the road turns sharply right take the footpath that goes straight ahead.

When the path comes onto a road  turn left  and then right onto a footpath through a  farmyard.

Keeping to the right

the path opens up.

You will soon see Birling Church in the distance.

Pass Birling Church

And the Nevill Bull pub.Continue along Ryarsh Road past Bank Cottage and Ferndale Cottage.

As you arrive in the village of Ryarsh you will see the Duke of Wellington Pub.

Take the lane to the left of the pub and continue over the M20. Turn left when you reach Ryarsh Church and follow the track round keeping the Church on your right.Go through a gate and onto a footpath. Cross a road and continue down the path.

Go past the Mill pond

The path opens up.

Take the path to the right and go past the Millhouse.

Go past the Wheatsheaf pub and cross the A20.

Take the left fork down the lane

Follow the path over the level crossing and go through a gate into

Macey’s meadow then cross the Cricket Pitch and turn left into West Street.

Turn right into the High Street. You will see the old village pump And the Church.