Rochester Library to Fort Pitt

This walk starts from Rochester Library and is 2.4 miles long.

It can be found on Ordnance Survey Map Maidstone and Medway no 148

From the Library walk towards Eastgate House and turn right into Eastgate. Turn left into Crow Lane and just past the former Vines Church go through an arch and past a car park into The Terrace.

Turn right into Victoria Street and left into Gravel walk. At the end of the path cross King Street and turn right into Delce Road, continue past Foord Street and Ross Street then cross the road at the pedestrian crossing. Continuing in the same direction take a set of stairs on the left hand side.

The path goes in front of a row of bungalows. There are extensive views of Rochester over the rooftops on your right. Take a left turn into an alley then continue up Howard Avenue, turning left into City Way cross over at the traffic island and enter Jackson’s Field. Walk across Jackson’s Field and go through a gap in the fence in front of the University of Creative Arts.

Climb the steps in front of the UCA and continue forward past Fort Pitt Grammar school and cross the road into Victoria Gardens. Take the path past the bandstand and war memorial. Turn left and cross Fort Pitt Hill. Continue on the footpath across an unmade road and back into Jackson’s Field

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