Snodland Leybourne Lakes and Aylesford

Take the 151 bus from Chatham bus station to Snodland. You can get a coffee and comfort stop at the Pavilion Café.

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From the café follow a public footpath southward through the houses until you get to a large play area. At the end of the footpath there is a bridge over the A228. A small road takes you to footpath denoting the entrance to Leybourne Lakes Country Park.

Leybourne Lakes
Leybourne Lakes

There are many information boards showing the paths through the park. Take a meandering path end up at exit towards New Hythe railway Station.

Lakes through trees
New café being built at Leybourne Lakes with walnut tree
Geese on Lake
Geese and ducks on Lake
Lake through trees
Lake through trees
Cherry Plums
Cherry plums almost ready to pick
Upmarket Housing
Upmarket Housing

Turn left out of the park and go past New Hythe station. At the roundabout at the end of the road there is a gap in a wall, go through the gap at turn right along the river Medway. Keeping close to the river continue onto Ayleford.

Aylesford Priory
Aylesford Priory on the other side of the Medway
Ayleford Priory
Another view of Aylesford Priory
Aylesford Church
Aylesford Church from the River Medway
The Chequers from across the river
Aylesford Bridge
Aylesford Bridge
Walnut tree
Walnut tree and Aylesford bridge

Cross Aylesford Bridge then turn right onto the High Street. Take a left turn onto Rochester Road then a left turn onto Pratling Street. Either take a footpath on the left or continue on the road until you reach Great Cossington.

Ornate bench near great Cossington

Continue along the track past a lone walnut tree. Go through a gate turn left and walk up the A229. At the bus stop you will be able to get the 101 bus back to Chatham

Another Walnut tree
Another walnut tree