Wigmore Library to Foxburrow Wood

The walk starts from Wigmore Library which is on the Arriva bus 113 route and is 2.7 miles long

This walk can be found on Ordnance Survey map 148.

Turn right out of the library and left into Fairview Avenue. Crossing at the pedestrian lights turn right into Bredhurst Road.

Turn right into Drewery Drive then left into Edwards Close and continue along the path to Woodside.

Take the first section of footpath (GB17) and turn right into Asquith Road.
Cross Maidstone Road and turn left and then take footpath (GB3) on the right into Tanker Hill.

Cross Lonsdale Drive and take the footpath opposite into Chesham Drive at the bottom of the hill take the entrance to Foxburrow Wood.

Keeping the wooden fence on the left continue up the slope then just before a flight of steps take a path on the right. Continue through the woods to the exit on Denewood Drive.

Turn left past the school and cross the road at the pedestrian lights. Cross Parkwood Green. Walk along Readscroft Road, Capel Close and Fane Way to Maidstone Road.

Turn Left and cross the road into Thanet Road.
Walk through Levan Strice Woods to the Library car park and return to the library.

This route can be done in the reverse direction.

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