Cliffe to Hoo, Saxon Shore Way

A 7 mile walk From Cliffe to Hoo. Some of the paths were a bit overgrown. Start from the Six bells pub in Cliffe and Finish at Hoo Church. The Arriva bus 133 takes you from Chatham to Cliffe and the Arriva bus 191 takes you from Hoo to Chatham.

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Get off the bus at the Six Bells Pub.

6 Bells Pub

Opposite you will see a carved wooden bench.

Carved Bench
The Saxon Shore way goes down Swingate avenue before leaving Cliffe behind entering into open fields.

Leaving Cliffe

Leaving Cliffe

Turned right down a country lane and as it turns right rejoin the footpath and through the gate.


The path is a bit overgrown but not too bad

Continue and join a road near Cooling Castle

Cooling Castle

Cooling Castle

Cooling Castle

Follow the road and you will arrive at Cooling Church

Cooling Church

Continue behind the church and follow the path back onto the road and past the Horseshoe and Castle.

Horseshoe Castle

Care is required along the winding road. Taking a path on the left you will enter the
Northward Hill Bird Sanctuary (you can take a detour to the heronry ) there is a path off to the left just after you pass a world war 2 communication center.

WW2 Communication center

Continue up the hill and through the woods. As you exit the woods the path turns to the left. Continue through the fields.

Flowers in Field

Take a right when you get to a path called Bessies Lane. This was overgrown when I walked along it.

Bessies Lane

Cross the A228 with great care, the path continues past the side of the garage. This path again was overgrown and pitted with rabbit holes so care must be taken walking along it. Turn right when you get to a lane.

Google Car

The lane turns off to the right but you continue along a bridleway called Roper’s Green Lane. Over the railway bridge.

Railway bridge


The track turns back into a lane follow this to the left then across a road. Turn left when you reach the reservoir. Take a left turn when you get to Stoke Road and after a few meters turn right, you will pass a world war 2 pillbox

WW2 Pillbox

WW2 Pillbox

WW2 Pillbox

At the end of the path turn right into a lane follow this into the village of Hoo St Werburgh. Turn right and right again, at the traffic lights turn left and the bus stop is on the left hand side of the road where you can catch a 191 bus back to Chatham.

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