Gravesend to Cliffe – Saxon Shore Way

About a 7 1/2 mile walk along the flat following the river Thames from Gravesend to Cliffe. There are good footpaths and after Gravesend it is well signposted. Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 163, Gravesend and Rochester covers the route. Take the Arriva bus 190 from Chatham to Gravesend and walk down towards the river. The Arriva bus 133 from Cliffe to Chatham is used for the return journey.

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Turn right past the many piers




You come across the first on many ruins of former defenses that kept Britain safe throughout the centuries- The Gravesend Blockhouse. Coincidentally it was one of the first to be built. Built by Henry V111 in 1539/1540.

Gravesend Blockhouse

The Saxon Shore Way waymarks will become a familiar site.

Saxon Shore Way waymark
Go past the moored boats


and through the industrial site many of which are now derelict.


watch out for this sign and go between the two fences.


Continue following the waywark signs and after climbing over the sea wall you find yourself in the open countryside.


Following the river you will come across Shornemead fort, built 1790 and in in use military until 1907. when it was abandoned. It was temporarily used again in the second world war.

Shornemead fort

Shornemead fort


Keep following the shore line.

Saxon shore way

On a good day you will get views towards Higham.

view to Higham

Continue past the second world war tank traps. You will come to Cliffe fort, built in the 1860s and now in private ownership.

Cliffe Fort

Cliffe fort

A Brennan torpedo ramp was added in 1890.

Brennan torpedo ramp

Brennan torpedo ramp

Follow the path through the gravel works and follow a tree lined causeway until you reach the Village of Cliffe.

The bus stop can be found next to Six Bells pub and the Church

Six Bells Pub

Cliffe Church

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