Darent Valley Path – Eynsford to Dartford

Eynsford is reached from Chatham by the 700 bus to Bluewater, then a 96 bus to Dartford and a 403 bus to Eynsford. On Sundays and bank holidays the 429 bus goes from Bluewater to Eynsford. I’ve done this walk more than once so some of the picture show a day of bright sunlight and others a rainy day.

The walk is covered by the 162 Ordance Survey Explorer Map

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If you want to explore the village of Eynsford and Eynsford Castle get of the bus in Eynsford High Street otherwise stay on the bus to the Church.

eynsford-dartford 020
Eynsford Castle

eynsford-dartford 025
Detail of the Castle walls..

eynsford-dartford 041
The village sign. on the post are plaques denote all the “Beautiful Village Awards won by Eynsford Village.

eynsford-dartford 062
St Martin’s Church Eynsford.
Cross the road and walk over the bridge in Riverside, past the Riverside Cafe.

eynsford-dartford 064

Look Back to see the ford.
eynsford-dartford 073

Continue along Riverside and turn right at SparePenny Lane. Joining the Darent Valley Path
eynsford-dartford 076
Just past the houses the footpath continues on the right through the fields with views of Eynsford Castle
eynsford 058
eynsford-dartford 078The path turn left up some steps back onto Sparepenny Lane. Follow the lane to the end and turn right into the High street past The White House.

eynsford-dartford 085Walk down to the river to see a brick structure across the river. There is an information board telling what it may be.
eynsford-dartford 088The Village sign commemorates Wadard a Norman night featured in the Domesday book and the Bayeux Tapestry.
eynsford-dartford 089The path continues on the left bank of the river, through the pub garden
eynsford 068Just before the river goes under the A20 the path crosses the river by a way of a footbridge. The path continues to follow the river under the A20 before turning right away from the river. The path turns to the left and runs between fields and past the Horton Kirby Cricket club ground.
eynsford 070
eynsford 072
eynsford-dartford 138
eynsford 075
eynsford 080
eynsford 081
eynsford 093
eynsford 095
eynsford 098

eynsford-dartford 148
eynsford 099
eynsford 102
eynsford 103
eynsford 106
eynsford 107

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