Walderslade to Bluebell hill (circular)

This 5 mile walk is similar to the Bus Walk – Walderslade and Kit’s Coty. this walk takes in the Lower Bell Pub and Bluebell Hill picnic area and viewing point.

Take the 176 Arriva bus from Gillingham or Chatham to Tunburry Avenue Walderslade

This route is covered on the Ordnance Survey Explorer map 148 Maidstone and the Medway Towns

Get off the bus on Tunberry Avenue opposite Forresters Close. And continue walking in the same direction across Robin Hood Lane.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 002

Do not follow the road round to the right but continue in a straight line into Tunberry Road South,

Walderslade-BluebellHill 003

At the end of the road continue past the barriers into the woods.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 005

Keep following the path.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 006

and cross a minor road.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 007

Cross Walderslade Woods Road via the footbridge

Walderslade-BluebellHill 008

and follow the path round to the bridge over the M2.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 009

Continue through the breakers/farm yard

Walderslade-BluebellHill 010

and down the lane. Where the lane turns left, go through a gate into a footpath.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 011Follow the footpath across the field.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 012

As the path reaches the wood turn right following the “acorn” sign of the North Downs Way.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 013

After a while the path takes a left turn into the woods

Walderslade-BluebellHill 015

past some large boulders.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 016

The path continues downhill, with occasional steps  at the steeper slopes.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 019

At the bottom of the hill take a right turn into the bridleway.  Look out for the “White Horse Stones”  in clearing to the right.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 021

Cross the bridge over the High speed rail link.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 022

Keep the Motorhome centre and petrol station on your left and follow the road down through the underpass.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 024

Turn right at the end of the tunnel and continue up the Old Chatham Road.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 025

To the Lower Bell Pub

Walderslade-BluebellHill 028

Continue up the footpath on the side of the road.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 030

You have to skirt the A229 for a few metres

Walderslade-BluebellHill 031

Walderslade-BluebellHill 032

The path then returns to the Old Chatham Road

Walderslade-BluebellHill 033

Before turning into a woodland trail

Walderslade-BluebellHill 035

You soon reach the Bluebell Hill picnic area.  On a clear day there are fantastic views over the Weald of Kent

Walderslade-BluebellHill 036

Leave Bluebell Hill via the car park and turn right, over the bridge.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 038

Continue straight on to Mill Lane. Where Mill Lane bends to the right there is the gated entrance to recreation ground next to which is the ungated entrance to a footpath. Take this footpath into Podkin Woods

Walderslade-BluebellHill 042Continue through the woods as you get close to the Motorway take a left turn.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 046

You will see the entrance to a subway under the motorway.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 047

At the end of the subway take a right turn

Walderslade-BluebellHill 049

Take a left turn a left turn as you near Walderslade Wood Road

Walderslade-BluebellHill 052

Across the road you will see the entrance to a small path. Just as you enter the woods turn right onto another path.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 056

Continue along the path taking a right fork.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 062

You will reach a sign post where a made up path crosses your path take a left turn here.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 063

Continuing up the the hill you will soon come to the barriers at the end of Tunberry Avenue South where you started the walk.

Walderslade-BluebellHill 064

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